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本文摘要:熟悉PLC常用的英语词汇,很有资助1. PLC 可编程控制器2. absolute 绝对3. absoluteoutput 绝对最大输出4 .actuator 执行器5. against 对比6. allocate 分配7. alter 改变 修改8. ambient 情况 周围 ambient operating temperature9. analog 模拟 analogoutput10. analysis 分析 thecollection an and analysi


熟悉PLC常用的英语词汇,很有资助1. PLC 可编程控制器2. absolute 绝对3. absoluteoutput 绝对最大输出4 .actuator 执行器5. against 对比6. allocate 分配7. alter 改变 修改8. ambient 情况 周围 ambient operating temperature9. analog 模拟 analogoutput10. analysis 分析 thecollection an and analysis of data12. applicable 可用 the applicableCPU for the module13.assign 分配14.back up battey 备用电池15.barcode reader/ID 条形码阅读器16.base unit 主基板17.baud 波特 [bo:d]18. beforehand 事先19 .binary 二进制20.buffer memory 缓冲存储器21. bus 总线22. case 外壳 do notremove the module‘s print board from the case23. characteristic 特征 I/Ocharacterristic24. check 校验 the datalink status canbe checked25. child-station 子站26. common terminal 公共端27. compatible 兼容 compatiblewith the MODBUS protocol28. compound 混淆 compoundsystem communication [`compaund]29. condensation 结露30. condition 条件 conditionsetting31. conductive 导电 conductivemetal picees32. configuration 组态 systemconfiguration33. configure 组态34. confirm 确认 how toconfirm the operation of the module35. consumption 消耗 currentconsumption36. content 目录37. control level 控制级38. convenient 利便 moreconvenient and easy-to-use39. conventionaly 传统 whichconventionaly has been used40. conversion 转换 Analog-Digital conversion module41. converter 转换器42. conveyor 传送 conveyorline43. corrosive 腐蚀 corrosivegas44. countermeasure 对策countermeasure for mis-inpute45. cutoff 切断46. debug 调试 isrecommended before debugging47. dedicated 屏蔽 cc-linkdedicated cable48. dedicated 专用 dedicatedtransmission protocol49. default value 缺省值50. define 解释 阐明 Offset value and gain value are defined as follow. [di`fain]51. design 设计 design asystem52. device level 现场级53. diagnosis 诊断 diagnosisfunction54. digital 数字 digitalinpute55. DIN rail 导轨56. diverse 差别的种种各样的57. download 下载58. duplicate 完全一样59. dust 灰尘60. eliminate 省得[i`limineit]61. enterprise level 治理级62. erase 清除63. exceed 超出 The numberadmitted must not exceed 20064. execute 执行 date linkis executed using these parameters65. expand 扩展 can beeapanded up to 255 networks66. faulty 故障67. field bus 现场总线68. fix 牢固69. flexibly 灵活的 to supporta variety systerm flexibly70. flow 流量71. format 花样transmission format [`fo:maet]72. fuse 融丝73. graph 图标 坐标图曲线图 voltage output characterristicgraph74. guaranteed 担保 nomaloperration cannot be guaranteed75. handle 处置惩罚76. hardware manual 硬件手册77. hint 提示 programminghints78. humidity 湿度 ambientoperating humdlity79. individual 独立的80. inductance 电感 inductanceload81. initiate 实施 提倡 can be initiate by a computer [i`nifieit]82. input 输入83. input point 输入点数84. install 安装85. instruction 指令 the FROMinstruction86. insulation 隔离 form rubberprovides good insulation [,insju`leifn]87. interface 接口88. interlocking 互锁 can be usedfor sequence program interlocking89. internal external 内部 外部 internal connection90. interrupt 中断 excute aninterrupt processing91. invalid 无效 errorinvalid station function92. magnetic 有磁性的 magneticfields [maeg`netik]93. main circuit 主回路94. malfunction 故障 causesystem malfunction95. mandatory 强制96. mantenance 维护 maintenancecosts are reduced97. manual 手册 User’Manual98. mechanical 机械 michanicallife机械寿命99. module 模块 mount orremove the module [`modju:l]100. momentary power failure 瞬时断电101. monitor 监视102. mount 牢固 mount orremove the module103. multiple 多样 mutipleremote i/o modules104. negative 负105. observation 视察106. occupy 占用 occupies 1station107. occur 发生108. offline 离线 offlinetest109. offset ga n 偏置增益110. oil mist 油雾112. optical loop 光缆回路113. optimum 最佳的 optimumcontrol114. output 输出115. overall 总的 overalldistance116. overview 总揽communication overview117. parameter 参数118. path 路径t ansmission path119. network 网络120. perform 举行 normal datalink cannot be performed121. performance specifations 性能规格122. peripheral 外围 Whenutilizing peripheral device to assign I/O number.123. phase 相 swith offall phases of the power supply [`feiz]124. point 要点125. port 接口 Rs232c port126. positive 正127.power line 电源线128. power on/off 上电断电129. precaution 注意事项precaution when configuing system130. print board 印刷电路板131. procedure 历程 follow theprocedure132. programing interface 编程口133. protocol 协议 protocolcommunication issues134. range 规模135. rated input voltage 额定输入电压136. ratio 比率137. recommend 建议 isrecommended before debugging138. reduce 淘汰 the numberof steps in operation program can be reduced139. refer to 参照 refer toChapter 6140. register 数据寄存器141. relay 继电器 [`ri:lei]142. remote I/O 远程网络143. reserved station 预留主站144. resistor 电阻 resistorload阻性负载 terminating resistor145. resolution 剖析,剖析 nMaximum resolution 最大分辨率146. restriction 限制 norestriction [ri`strikfn]147. retry 重试148. scan 扫描 link scan149. screw 螺丝 Teminal-block screw150. seamless network 无缝网络151. sequence programm e 顺控法式152. serial communications module 串口模块153. series 系列154. servo 伺服155. short 短路156. signal 信号157. sink 漏极 sink commen158. slot 槽159. soures 源极 sourescommen160. specifications 特性 inputmodules specifications161. stabilized power supply 稳压电源162. standby master station 备用主站163. start up 起动164. status 状态 data linkstatus165. step drive 步进166. storage 存储 storagearea167. store 存储168. switch off 关断 swith offall phases of the power supply169. swith 开关170. table 表格171. transfer 传输172. transistor 晶体管173. transmission speed 传输速度174. transmit 传送 data istransmitted in unchanged code175. triac 双端三相可控硅开关176. troubleshooting 故障处置惩罚177. unuseble 不行以使用178. upload 上传179. utilize 使用 Whenutilizing peripheral device to assign I/O number.180. verify 校验 verify theset parameter contents181. voltage 电压 highvoltage182. watchdog 看门狗183. width 规模 it willvary in the width of [widθ]184. wire chips 线头 do not letforeign matter such as wire chips ret inside the module